Join us on December 6th, 2020 for the World Partnership Walk
at Virtual Celebration!

Every year thousands of Canadians across the country take part in the Walk. Get involved by creating or joining a team, registering as a participant, or by sponsoring a participant.

This year, the Walk has pivoted to its first online only fundraising campaign. During the campaign, the Walk will take participants on a digital journey to discover how AKFC is working with communities to fight global poverty and slow the spread of COVID-19 through weekly stories of hope! The journey will end on December 6 at the Homecoming Celebration, the campaign’s first joint event with supporters in the United States!

Join us on this journey and take a meaningful and positive step towards fighting global poverty in the developing world.

Raised Total: $1,000.00
Days to Event: 44
Event Date: December 6, 2020
Number of Teams: 3
Number of Participants: 6
Event Location: Virtual Celebration
Top 10 Participants:
  1 -  Has raised $1000 Self Sponsor Ralph Huenemann ($1,000.00)
  2 -  Asiyah Robinson ($0.00)
  3 -  Gurbakhsh S. Dosanjh ($0.00)
  4 -  Kevin Sekha ($0.00)
  5 -  sean coupar ($0.00)
Top Teams:
  1 -  University of Victoria ($1,000.00)