Walk with Imran!
Walk with Imran!

Imran Jaffer Foundation - Walk with Imran

The World Partnership Walk 2019 is only a few days away!

We are still encouraging sponsors to meet our fundraising goal for this year. Each dollar raised goes directly to programs that serve millions of people in Africa and Asia, giving them the tools and skills to lift themselves out of poverty and unlock their potential to builda better life.

With your support, together we can unlock opportunities for individuals around the world!

An initiative of Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), the Walk is Canada’s largest movement dedicated to raising funds and increasing awareness to fight global poverty. The Walk attracts 40,000 participants every year from 10 cities across Canada, and has raised over $100 million since it began in 1985.

Help us show the most vulnerable populations on the globe that they will never walk alone.

Imran Jaffer Foundation

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